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Best Arabian dishes & traditions from the whole world

Al Arab Mandi is the famous restaurant located in Kabul, Afghanistan. It offers a beautiful ambience as well as some of the most exquisite Arabian cuisines. At Al Arab Mandi Restaurant, we trust that great food should be accompanied by extraordinary customer service. Our friendly staff members aspire to make every customer feel welcome while providing them with excellent and attentive service. Our goal is to give our guests an incredible dining experience throughout their time at our restaurant.

Our menu gives a variety of traditional Arabian dishes, which includes different kebabs, Zobrain lamb and more. One of our best-selling dishes is called Mandi. Mandi is a traditional rice and meat dish which is cooked over hot coals in special ovens appearing to be a perfect blend of smoky flavour and soft texture. All of these are prepared by professional chefs who have mastered their cooking skills with years of experience. Also, we only use fresh ingredients from local markets to make sure every bite of our food is bursting with rich flavours.

In case you’re looking for a family dinner on a normal day out or celebrating a special occasion like birthdays, festivals or anniversaries. You can choose our restaurant as we have an appropriate space for large or even small gatherings – we welcome you to Al Arab Mandi Restaurant and wish to serve you delicious food and an amazing experience.

Visit us today and you will be transferred back into time experiencing true Arabian warmth all around.


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